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Coordinator's Message

Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching

Dear Students,

Turkish has become a prevalent language in Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent years. Regarding this, there is a need for Turkish language in different fields of professional life. Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Program has a priority to develop and determine student language and literature skills that will support them academically through their education.

Our program offers learning opportunities through courses in Turkish language, Ottoman language, Turkish Folk and Modern literature, History of Turkish language, linguistics, literary translation and language teaching methodology, curriculum and materials development, assessment, and cross-cultural communication. In addition to these courses, students receive education in the field of psychology and pedagogy. As classes in our program are conducted in Turkish language, students have the opportunity to have constant communication in Turkish. This allows them to develop their communication skills.

Program Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr.
Dženana Bračković

Courses regarding learning about foreign language teaching and translation methodology help our students improve their capabilities as future teachers and translators. Exceptional graduates may also choose to pursue a career as academics and conduct research on various issues tied to education, linguistics, literature, or educational psychology. Once they are members of the academic community, their linguistic and literature background will be helpful for assessing and monitoring learning and teaching processes.  

The knowledge of the Ottoman language will help students willing to continue do their research regarding historical documents and cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Ottoman period. The main goal of the program is to educate students in methodology of teaching Turkish language as a foreign language and to prepare students for teaching in primary and secondary schools, but the multi-disciplinary nature of the program and its emphasis on interpersonal and communication skills ensures that the student will graduate with a set of skills that can be applied to various careers.

A good command of the written and spoken Turkish will be important if they choose to work as writers, journalists, translators, or interpreters. It will also be valuable should they choose to pursue a career in business, media and communications, international relations, or any career that requires constant interaction in Turkish within a globalized and interconnected work environment. We are looking forward to welcome all students interested in Turkish language and literature and explore the world together in Turkish.

Assistant Professor Dr. Dženana Bračković

Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching Training Program Coordinator  

Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching

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Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching

"Speak any language, Turkish, Greek, Persian, Arabic, but always speak with love" - Rumi