Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching (TLT)

Due to the strong Turkish influence in world trade, politics, technology and media, the constant growth of the global need for connoisseurs of the modern Turkish language is evident. Therefore, higher education institutions in many countries of the region and the world are training staff that will be able to perform professionally all tasks that include excellent knowledge of the Turkish language and culture.

This study program places greater emphasis on the teaching of the Turkish language, but does not neglect the other needs of the modern connoisseur of the Turkish language and culture. Namely, the program offers an opportunity to study the historical development of Turkish society, art and culture.

Students studying in the study program of Turkish language and literature – the teaching track will be able to follow lectures based on modern research knowledge, understanding of theoretical views, as well as practical experiences.

During their studies, students will be required to perform certain research and analyses in order to build their own skills in critical thinking, understanding and academic progress.

Successful completion of this study program will enable students to use all acquired abilities to understand theoretical and practical knowledge of applied linguistic processes, understand the effect of cultural, social, political, historical and economic context of language teaching process, while special attention will be paid to language skills and unique educational situations.