Turkish Language and Literature, Teaching (TLT)

The curriculum for Turkish Language and Literature (teacher training program) opening at the Faculty of Education (FEDU) at the International University of Sarajevo offers the possibility for students to study at all three cycles. The students can gain knowledge from teaching Turkish language and literature as a second language in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main aim of the Turkish Language and Literature teaching studies is to provide the students with quality education and professional development in all areas of Turkish language and literature, learn to utilize modern teaching methods as well as educational psychology. Beside the language, the students will be able to learn about Turkish culture and history. Through lectures delivered by national and international academic staff, the studies will contribute to development of the primary, secondary and higher education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Besides the fundamental language and literature disciplines, Turkish Language and Literature Department will also enable the students to learn about the contemporary pedagogic disciplines, teaching methods as well as to gain linguistic and communication skills.

The Faculty offers advanced interdisciplinary approach to teaching, studying, researches and practice.

The opening of Turkish Language and Literature program contributes to the strengthening of the educational system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will improve the exchange of teaching staff on internal as well as on the international level covering all teaching areas.

The employment possibilities

After graduating from Turkish Language and Literature Department (teaching studies), the graduates will adopt the basic knowledge of teaching methodology of Turkish language as a second language in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The graduates who decide to seek for a job immediately after they finish the college will be in possession of the knowledge and competence needed for working both in public and private national schools and institutions. After acquiring their diplomas, the Turkish Language and Literature graduates will be ready for the career of Turkish Language teachers or professors.